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Common name: Propineb
Chemical name: pilimerie zine propulenebis(dithiocammate)
Molecular Formula: [C5H8N2S4Zn] X
Chemical structure:
Registration certification NO. of Propineb Tech: PD20080070
Registration certification NO. of Propineb 70% WP: PD20080836
Properties: Technical is off-white powder. M.p: decomposing above 150℃. Solubility : In water 0.01g/l at 20℃; in toluene, hexane, dichloromethane <0.1g/l; Stability: Unstable in strongly alkaline and strongly acid, high temperature conditions, stable when dry, decomposed by moisture.
Application: Propineb is a broad spectrum fungicide; it is especially used as a protective treatment to control the numerous fungal disease pathogens, such as Oomyoetes, Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes.
Specification for Propineb Tech:

Item Index
Appearance Off-white powder
Active ingredient, %≥ 85.0
Moisture, %≤ 2.0
PH range 5.0-9.0

Specification for Propineb 70%WP:

Item Index
Appearance Off-white powder
Active ingredient, %≥ 70.0
Moisture, %≤ 2.0
PH range 5-9
Suspension, %≥ 80.0
Wet sieve test (325 mesh), %≥ 98.0
Wetting time,Second ≤ 120

Packing: In 25kgs woven plastic bag or small package according to buyer's requirement.

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